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Fit To Be Pregnant

Want To Know Exactly How To Eat & Exercise During Pregnancy?

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Date: Saturday, March 28.

Dear Visitor,
  Getting pregnant and childbirth are two of life’s greatest miracles.
Most women, when asked the question, “What was the most memorable event in your life?” often cite pregnancy and childbirth.

It’s like a gift from above. There is just no denying the powerful emotions that pregnancy and childbirth can create in parents.

However, while pregnancy is glorious and a rewarding experience, the hard truth is that there is a nutrition and fitness aspect that cannot be neglected.

There is also a flip side to this shiny coin. Many women often end up feeling that pregnancy has ruined their shapely figure and the stretch marks have disfigured them.

They automatically assume that once they’ve given birth, their bodies will never go back to the shape they originally used to be. Weight gain, stretch marks, a loss of sex appeal, etc. are negative consequences that women consider a trade-off to having a bouncy little baby.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes… pregnancy will result in weight gain. This is only natural and in fact, it’s healthy. However, the weight gain can be maintained without letting it get out of control.

All weight that is gained during pregnancy can be lost after pregnancy. After all, it’s just fat and the principles of fat loss are set in stone regardless if it’s a pregnant woman or an obese man.

It will take you time to shed the fat… but there is no hurry. Slow and steady wins the race. With patience, persistence and this brand new guide, you can definitely lose the excess fat after childbirth and at the same time, enjoy a healthy and simple pregnancy.

Fit To Be Pregnant

Discover The Secrets Of Nutrition & Exercise During & After Pregnancy

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By grabbing this guide and incorporating it into your life you will be well on your way to providing the best nutrients for the growing baby within as well as preparing your body for the monumental task of giving birth. To top it off learn exactly how to shed the fat after pregnancy also!

You can make health promises to yourself all day and night, but actually sticking to it is the hard part! Within this guide you will discover what works. 

  • Pre-Conception...What You Need To Know
  • Nutrition & The Best Foods To Eat During Pregnancy
  • Must Have Supplements Before & During Pregnancy
  • Eating Plan For All 3 Trimesters Of Your Pregnancy
  • Baby Has Arrived! Yay...What Now?
  • Kick Starting Your Post Pregnancy Exercise Routine To Blast The Fat
  • And Much, Much More..

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How to Lose Stomach Fat

Learning how to lose stomach fat starts with understanding how your stomach fat got there in the first place as. A general rule keeping in mind that almost all general rules have their exceptions fat grows in your stomach and other places because you consume more calories than your muscles burn off so to lose stomach fat all you have to do is make sure you burn off more calories than you take in.  if it could just be as simple as it sounds. Losing stomach fat is tough because we live in an age in which our muscles don't get nearly as much work as our ancestors muscles did.

A lot of jobs today just don't require any more physical activity than tapping your fingers on a keyboard or holding a phone to your ear and come to think of it with your pieces and microphones a lot of us don't even do that any more no doubt. You already know that exercise burns fat it also provides a lot of other health related benefits like lowering your blood pressure and keeping your cholesterol levels. 

Down but no matter how much you appreciate the importance of exercise does it seem you just can't find the time to do it well if that's the case you might be asking yourself what diet and nutritional alternatives are open, let's start out by assuming you're not interested in becoming a vegetarian even though it is the healthiest most effective and quickest way to lose stomach fat your best bet in that case is to identify the foods and eating habits that pack on the pounds avoid these or at least do your best to limit them and you can lose stomach fat without giving up everything else you like all the time here's how to do it.Learn the difference between good fats and bad fats saturated fats come from animals not only will these give you stomach fat but if you eat a lot of them you'll probably also get high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels definitely keep saturated fats to a minimum trans fats are found in prepackaged foods processed convenience foods and most of the fried food you get from fast-food restaurants you can also find trans fats in baked goods all too often lunch or dinner consists of fast foods or pre processed convenience foods that are just loaded with trans fats which not only stick to your ribs but also expand your waist line while narrowing your arteries avoid trans-fats as much as you can.

Polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats are fats that are not as bad for you in fact they may actually have some health benefits these fats come from vegetable oils, fish oils, sunflowers, peanuts etc dump the junk stay away from candy, cookies, donuts and other baked goods snacks like potato chips, sodas, and other foods that fall into the junk food category. These had fad to your stomach while offering very little nutritional value in return junk food is bad because it's usually high in trans fats processed. Sugars and carbohydrates all of which raise blood sugar levels worst of all they can actually increase your appetite. it's best just to leave these foods on your grocery store shelves and not even bring them into your home stick instead to healthy snacks like fruits and nuts.

Now there is one exception in the candy category and that's dark chocolate researchers have found the dark chocolate helps reduce cholesterol you just have to make sure it's dark chocolate not milk chocolate which is bad for you watch out for white foods that are white or off-white in colour tend to be high in starches and bad carbohydrates anything made from refined flour is probably going to add to your stomach fat. It can also lead to poor digestion and bloating further more bad carbohydrates raise your insulin level which slows down your metabolism when your metabolism slows down you burn fewer calories and you add more stomach fat and wouldn't you know it some of our favourite foods fall into this category white bread baked potatoes french fries white rice lots of different kinds of pasta so if you want to lose stomach fat you have to look for non-white alternatives to these favourites whole-wheat bread and pasta brown rice sweet potatoes limit your alcohol consumption granted there's some recent research that seems to indicate that drinking a little red wine is actually healthy but in general alcohol contains a lot of calories and zero nutrition all calories that come from alcohol are likely to turn into fat two to three drinks a day whether beer wine or the hard stuff will add hundreds of calories to your daily diet and make losing your stomach fatt hat much harder it's conventional wisdom that we all tend to add stomach fat as we get older but hey it's tough at any age especially when we're bombarded by hundreds of commercial messages daily to eat things that are bad for us if you really want to learn how to lose stomach fat it means you have to learn how to resist temptation and that is not easy there are some pretty good books and other resources available to help you lose stomach fat.

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

OneDrive - Microsoft’s Online Facility for Storing Files

Signing In to OneDrive

   One Drive is a component of Office 365, Microsoft’s online suite of services. Before you can store, share, or co-edit files in One Drive, you have to sign in to One Drive. Open a web browser and follow these steps to sign in to Office 365:

Go to this web address:

Click the Sign In button.

Enter the email address of your Office 365 account and click Next.

The One Drive window opens.

Enter your password and click Sign In.

The One Drive window opens in your browser, as shown in Figure 1. The first
time you open One Drive, you see two folders only.

To start with, OneDrive gives you two folders — Documents and Pictures — for storing files, and you can create additional folders as well. OneDrive can store up to from 5GB to 1TB (that’s 1000 GB) of files, depending on the type of subscription you have. The lower-left corner of the browser window tells you how much storage space you have for storing files.

»»Create folders: Click the New button and choose Folder to create a folder for storing files. 

»»Upload files: Click the Upload button to upload files from your desktop or laptop computer to OneDrive.

»»Arranging folders and files in the window: Use the tools in the upper-right corner of the screen to arrange and locate folders and files. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Scanning for Malware in Windows Defender

Exploring Windows Defender

Windows Defender is on by default in Windows 10. To confirm, check the Security and Maintenance window, as covered in the earlier section “Protecting your PC.” If Windows Defender is off, follow the directions in the Security and Maintenance window to activate it.

Normally, Windows Defender runs in the background; you need to do nothing unless it finds an infection. To confirm that Windows Defender is active, look for the Shield icon in the notification area on the taskbar, as shown in the margin.

You can also view the Windows Defender window. To quickly access it, click on the Windows Defender notification icon on the taskbar and choose Open. You can also tap the Windows key and type Windows Defender. Choose the Windows Defender Desktop app from the search results.

The Windows Defender window is illustrated in Figure 1. You can perform a quick scan in this window, covered in the next section. Use the Update tab to confirm that the program is up-to-date. Check the History tab to see what Windows Defender has done in the past to keep your PC safe.

A second location for controlling Windows Defender is found in the Settings app. To open that app quickly, click the Settings icon in the Windows Defender window, as illustrated in Figure 2-2. Otherwise, open the Settings app (press Win+I) and choose Update & Security and then Windows Defender.

The most important setting to make for Windows Defender is Real-Time Protection, which is an on–off toggle located in the Settings app. Ensure that the option is on, and you’re good.

Scanning for Malware in Windows Defender

Windows Defender runs automatically, so you don’t need to actively do anything. If you suspect that something is up or you just want to confirm that the program does its job, you can perform a manual scan. Follow these steps:

1. Open Windows Defender.

Refer to the preceding section.

2. On the Home tab, ensure that the Quick option is selected.

3. Click the Scan Now button.

Windows Defender reviews sensitive locations and various files on your PC, scanning for signs of infection.
The scan takes time, even when the Quick option is selected. If a suspect item is located, you’ll be alerted. See the next section for what to do.

Dealing with an infection

When Windows Defender locates a suspected infection, the file is immediately placed into quarantine. Yes, you’ll want to freak out at this point, but don’t: Any damage has been thwarted. The suspect file is placed into the quarantine state, where it can do no harm, but you still need to decide what to do with it. To review any suspected infections, follow these steps:

1. Open Windows Defender.

2. Click the History tab.

3. Ensure that Quarantined Items is selected.

4. Click the View Details button.

Quarantine items appear in a list. These are suspect files, and they could include some false positives.

You can deal with the quarantined items in three ways.

First, you can ignore the items. Your PC is safe, and the quarantined items stay that way.

Second, you can remove the suspected infections: Select an item and click the Remote button. Or click the Remove All button to purge the lot. The files are obliterated and won’t bother you again.

Third, you can restore a false positive. For example, a file that you know is safe was found by Windows Defender as suspect. If so — and providing you know the file is safe — select it and click the Restore button. Further, you might consider setting this file as an allowed item so that Windows Defender doesn’t falsely quarantine it again.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

How to Browsing privately in Firefox.!

Browsing privately in Firefox

Firefox has a private browsing feature similar to IE’s InPrivate browsing, which I describe in the section “Turning on key features” in the IE part of this chapter. Firefox’s version is called, er, Private Browsing. (Hey, Firefox invented it!) To start a Private Browsing session, click the hamburger icon in the upper right and choose New Private Windows. Some people prefer to always work in Private Browsing mode. There’s much to be said for that approach, although you won’t get the advantages of having cookies hanging around. Staying privately Browsing mode is simple to try and do in Firefox.

1. Start Firefox. Click the hamburger icon in the upper right, and choose

Options. At the top, click the Privacy icon.
 You see the Options dialog box shown in Figure 1.

2. In the Firefox Will drop-down box, choose Use Custom Settings for History.

3. Select the box marked Always Use Private Browsing Mode.

4. If you want to turn on Do Not Track (see the sidebar, “What is Do Not Track?” earlier in this chapter), select the Tell Websites that I Do Not Want to Be Tracked check box.
Admittedly, DNT doesn’t do much, but it doesn’t hurt and may actually block a few sites.

5. Click OK.
The next time you start Firefox, it’ll be in Private Browsing mode. If you ever want to drop back into regular mode, click the hamburger icon and follow the above steps, choosing Firefox Will: Remember History.

Figure 1: It’s easy to have Firefox always start in Private Browsing mode.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Some Useful Alexa Commands in your daily life.

Everyday-info commands

Alexa excels at everyday requests for information related to the weather,news, and traffic. Here are the basic commands.

  1. “Alexa, what time is it?”
  2. “Alexa, what time is it in [city]?”
  3. “Alexa, what is today’s date?”
  4. “Alexa, when is [holiday] this year?”
  5. “Alexa, what’s the weather like?”
  6. “Alexa, what’s the temperature?”
  7. “Alexa, will it rain today?”
  8. “Alexa, what will the weather be like [day]?” (For example, “Alexa, what
  9. will the weather be like tomorrow?”)
  10. “Alexa, play my Flash Briefing.”
  11. “Alexa, what’s in the news?”
  12. “Alexa, how’s the traffic?”
  13. “Alexa, what was the score of yesterday’s [team] game?”
  14. “Alexa, when is the next [team] game?”
  15. “Alexa, what movies are playing?”
  16. “Alexa, find me a nearby restaurant.”

Information requests

Give these commands a whirl to get general information from Alexa.

  1. “Alexa, what’s the definition of [word]?”
  2. “Alexa, how do you spell [word]?”
  3. “Alexa, what are some synonyms for [word]?”
  4. “Alexa, convert [number] [units1] to [units2].” (For example, “Alexa,
  5. convert 100 miles to kilometers.”
  6. “Alexa, what is [number] [operator] [number]?” (For example, “Alexa,
  7. what is 123 times 456?”)
  8. Alexa, what is [number1] percent of [number2]?” (For example, “Alexa,
  9. what is 15 percent of 78.53?”)
  10. “Alexa, what is the population of [city or region]?”

Audio commands

Here are the basic voice commands to try out for controlling music, podcasts and other audio.
  1. “Alexa, play [song or album].”
  2. “Alexa, play [music genre].”
  3. “Alexa, play [playlist].”
  4. “Alexa, play the latest [artist].”
  5. “Alexa, play Sunday morning music.”
  6. “Alexa, who sings this song?”
  7. “Alexa, shuffle mode [on or off].”
  8. “Alexa, pause.”
  9. “Alexa, next.”
  10. “Alexa, previous.”
  11. “Alexa, louder.”
  12. “Alexa, softer.”
  13. “Alexa, turn this off in [number] minutes.”
  14. “Alexa, play [audiobook title].”
  15. “Alexa, read [Kindle book title].”

Video commands

Here are a few useful commands related to watching TV shows and movies.
  1. “Alexa, what is the IMDb rating for [TV show or movie title]?”
  2. “Alexa, tell me about the movie [movie title].”
  3. “Alexa, who stars in [TV show or movie title]?”
  4. “Alexa, what is [actor]’s latest movie?”
  5. “Alexa, how many Oscars has [actor] won?”

Alarm and timer commands

Here are the basic commands to use to set and work with alarms and timers
  1. “Alexa, set alarm for [time].”
  2. “Alexa, wake me up every day at [time].”
  3. “Alexa, snooze for [number] minutes.”
  4. “Alexa, set a timer for [number] minutes.”
  5. set a bread timer for 40 minutes.”)
  6. “Alexa, how long is left on the timer?”
  7. “Alexa, how long is left on the [name] timer?”
  8. “Alexa, stop the timer.”

Calendar, reminder, and list commands

Here are a few basic Alexa commands for controlling your calendar, creating reminders, and managing lists 
  1. “Alexa, what’s on my calendar?”
  2. “Alexa, what’s on my calendar on [date]?”
  3. “Alexa, add an event to my calendar.”
  4. “Alexa, create a new appointment.”
  5. “Alexa, add budget meeting to my calendar on [day] at [time].”
  6. “Alexa, what am I doing tomorrow?”
  7. “Alexa, how many days until [date]?”
  8. “Alexa, how many days until [holiday]?”
  9. “Alexa, what time does the sun rise on [date]?”
  10. “Alexa, what time does the sun set on [date]?”
  11. “Alexa, remind me to [task] in [number] minutes.”
  12. “Alexa, add [task] to my to-do list.”
  13. “Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?”

Communication commands

Here are the basic commands for placing calls and sending text messages 
  1. “Alexa, call [name].”
  2. “Alexa, call [phone number].”
  3. “Alexa, answer the call.”
  4. “Alexa, hang up.”
  5. “Alexa, drop in on the [room or location].”
  6. “Alexa, play messages.”
  7. “Alexa, message [name].”
  8. “Alexa, announce that [message].”

Shopping commands

Here are a few commands to place and track Amazon orders .
  1. “Alexa, add [item] to my shopping list.”
  2. “Alexa, buy more [item].”
  3. “Alexa, order [item].”
  4. “Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?”
  5. “Alexa, where’s my stuff?”
  6. “Alexa, what are your deals?”

Smart-home commands

Here are some commands you can use to control various home-automation gadgets .
  1. “Alexa, [device name] on.”
  2. “Alexa, [device name] off.”
  3. “Alexa, dim [device name] to [number] percent.”
  4. “Alexa, set [device name] to blue.”
  5. “Alexa, show [camera name].”
  6. “Alexa, set [device name] temperature to [number] degrees.”
  7. “Alexa, lock [device name].”

Getting around Multiple Desktops | Windows 10

Getting around Multiple Desktops

To see what’s going on, try building a few desktops. Here’s one way:

1. Start Windows.

2. Crank up a few programs.
Doesn’t matter which ones. Get three or four going.

3. Tap or click the Task View icon — the one that looks like two chairs at a table,
just to the right of Cortana.
Windows lines up your running programs, darkens the main desktop, and puts a +
New Desktop icon in the lower-right corner, as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1: Task View lines up the currently running programs and adds a + icon for creating new desktops.

4. Click or tap the + icon to add a new desktop.
Windows creates a thumbnail for a second desktop and moves all the running
programs to Desktop 1, as shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2: The first desktop gets all the running programs when a second desktop is added.

5. Click the thumbnail marked Desktop 2.
Windows shows you a clean, new desktop.

6. Crank up a few more programs.
They can be the same programs as the ones on Desktop 1 or new ones. Each
desktop works independently.

7. Click the Task View icon again.
Windows shows you the contents of Desktop 2, with a grayed background, but also
shows you thumbnails for Desktops 1 and 2, as shown in Figure 3.
Note that the items shown in Task View may vary depending on whether you’re in
Tablet Mode, or if you have the screen switched around into portrait.
Figure 3: Now showing Desktop 2.

8. Tap or click the Desktop 1 thumbnail.
Desktop 1 reappears, with all its programs working.
At the same time, all the programs on Desktop 2 stop. If you were playing music,
the music stops. Watching a video? It freezes. Desktop 2 goes into suspended

9. Click the + icon again to add another desktop. And another.
You can also type Win+Ctrl+D to create a new desktop.
In theory, there’s no limit to the number of desktops you can run.

10. To remove a desktop, hover your mouse or tap and hold the thumbnail, and
choose the X icon at the top.
When you shut down a desktop, all its running apps get transferred to the next
lower-numbered desktop.

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Best FREE VPN Services 2019 | 100% FREE ✔️ SAFE ✔️ EASY ✔️

It's once again time to take a look at the best free VPN services these VPNs will allow you to unblock websites at school or work as well as hide your activities online they're all 100% free no trials there's some new services up this year so let's get started

At number five for the best free VPN services we have Hotspot Shield their free service has a data limit of 500 megabytes per day so you won't be streaming a whole lot of videos. also there's only one free location for hotspot Shield which is in the United States that's it their connection speeds were actually quite good. Hotspot Shield also passed the DNS leak test and uses the Open VPN protocol with military-grade encryption.You can use hotspot Shield on Windows and Mac computers as well as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. And you can use it on many devices at the same time.  there's also a hotspot shield proxy extension of the Chrome web browser. Downloading the hotspot shield client for Windows is very easy., just going to and click on a blue download VPN button on the front page that's it the download should start immediately.You don't even need to sign up for an account to use hotspot shield.

5. Hotspot Shield (says trial but if you click the small arrow on the top corner you will get it for free, DO NOT sign up for trial)

Next up at number 4 on the list we have Proton VPN . which is made by the same Swiss company that created the encrypted email service protonmail. The advantage proton VPN has over hotspot shield in terms of their free service is that they don't have any bandwidth limits and there's three freeze our locations, however their connectio n speeds are terrible and you can only use it on one device at a time.Additionally as with hotspot Shield there's no p2p support but you can use proton on many different Platforms, and even on third-party VPN clients by using your Open VPN username and password found in the dashboard.The proton VPN client does not have any DNS leaks and they exclusively use secure VPN protocols like Open VPN .Which also has a strong 256 bit AES encryption .To use proton VPN for free head over to www.protonvpn. com and click on the sign up button in the upper right menu.Select the free plan, then enter in a username password and email address. just click on send to receive the verification code, now go to your email copy the code and paste it into the verification box. Then click on the get proton VPN button, your account will be verified and you'll be logged in and redirected to the proton VPN dashboard here you want to click on the Downloads option in the left side menu, then click on the Windows icon and after that on the download button. download and install the software and enjoy the free proton VPN.


Coming in at third place we have Pro EXPN like hotspot Shield Pro EXPN has only one free location which is also in the United States.However unlike hotspot it does have unlimited data transfer and much better connection speeds than proton VPN.While pro EXPN does have IOS and android VPN clients free users can only use it on Windows and Mac computers and only on one device at a time. Pro EXPN uses the tried and trusted open VPN protocol for their free service along with a solid 256 bit encryption. The Windows client did'nt lique DNS information when I tested it. To get a free pro XPN account just go to and click on create account on the front page, click on the free button to choose the basic free account option.Next enter in your email a password and verify that you're not a robot.Then click on create basic account.Now you have to activate your account so go to your email and click on the verification link that has been sent to you.Your account is now active next you'll want to click on the download link in the upper left menu to begin downloading the pro EXPN VPN, client the download should start immediately once it's done just install the client, log in and begin using Pro XPN
In second place we have ZPN. ZPN has a 10 gigabyte per month bandwidth limit for free accounts but their connection speeds are much better than proton VPN and closer to those of hotspot shield. They also have 5 free VPN locations which is 2 more than proton and 4 more than hot spot or pro xpn .On the downside ZPN doesn't have as good platform support as some of the other services.It's custom VPN clients can only be used on Windows iOS and Android. however you can manually setup lttp and open VPN connections on almost any device and they have setup guides for that on their website, the default protocol on their Windows VPN client is SSL VPN but they also support open VPN and have an option called anti DPI to bypass firewalls with deep packet inspection. I am not exactly sure how secure their SSL VPN is so if you want to play it safe use Open VPN the VPN Windows client also doesn't leak DNS information it's fairly easy to get a free account at zpn just head over to  click on the create a free VPN account button. then enter a username password and your email address also solve the CAPTCHA and agree to the terms, after that click on the create VPN account button you will be sent a verification link. So just go to your email and click on the link, now your account should be active next you'll want to download the ZPN and client to do that just click on setup then click on free VPN for Windows. and finally click on the download zpn button install the software, login with your account and that's it.
2. ZPN

The winner and by far the best free VPN service is wind scribe. Their bandwidth limit if you sign up with an email address is 10 gigabytes per month which can be increased to 15 gigabytes if you promote them on Twitter.Connection speeds are also great on most servers and they actually support p2p ,the wind scribe client also passed a DNS leak test in with good marks and uses the very secure open VPN protocol with a military-grade 256 bit AES encryption. You can get win scribe Custom VPN clients which are easy to use on Windows Mac iOS and Android .And you can be connected to multiple devices at the same time. There is also free wind scribe proxy browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome ,overall wind scribe is just the best free VPN service out there. To get a free account at wind scribe go to .And click on sign up in the upper right corner, enter in a username password and optionally an email address to get the 10 gigabytes of free data per month then click on create free account.If you entered an email then you will be sent a verification link, go to your e-mail and click on the link to verify your account .Your account should now be verified to download the wind scrap VPN client click on the green download button, then click on the windows button, the download should start so save the file install it and enjoy.
1. Windscribe