Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Health Benefits of Walking for Weight Loss

Today's post we'll be talking about the exercise of walking what is walking? Many people walk for 45 minutes to 1 hour regularly every day.However, they fail to reduce weight
That is what everyone who wants to reduce weightcomplaints!. When we walk for 1 km full, a little more than the normal speed, then it burns 50 calories and reduces 6 grams of weight. So if everyone walks for about 5 to 6 km, then about 30 grams of weight can be reduced. Only 1 kg in a monthjust ask yourself, do you walk regularly every day for a month for 30 hours? No, you get holidays.festivals.. Sickness and various other excusesand if you take an average of the timeit comes to 20 hours a month. 
So how much it is? 600 grams and the tea that we drink, contains 650 calories in one cup if you drank the tea thrice instead of twice, in a day than your month long walking goes in vain and if you eat one pagoda you need to walk 2 km to burn the calories gained from that on the pagoda! So how many pagodas do you eat in a monthHow much more tea do you drink? And when you go out for lunch or dinner, in a marriage function or restaurants.or, once or twice a week when you have deep fried food or heavy meals, its calories are double in comparison to your everyday intake. 
Normally the everyday meals contain about 500-700 calories when you have deep fried or heavy mealsthis calories intake increases to 1000-1200 so who will take account of the extra 500 calories that you've had 4 times in a month! Moreoverany medicine taken during illnessholds back water in our body1 tabletholds back about 1 kg of weight who would take an account of that?
  The biggest advantage of walking is that it brings rhythm to the cycle of our thoughts! if you have to give a lecture or have an exam or you have a meeting where you need to concentrate and perform very well.that day or a day before that day, try walking for 2 to 3 hoursor even more if you can!you'll see a major difference in your performance the next day. becauseas soon as you start walking, our mind comes in rhythm with the naturemoreover, when we walk as if we're exercisingi.e if walk with a little speed, it is very beneficial to the bumping of our heartsecondlyit helps them burn some sugar to those who have high sugar. But walking can be more beneficial to heart patients rather than diabetes patientsit is also very beneficial to the patients of depressionbecause they just don't feel like going out of their homethey don't want to leave their placeso after going out of your home, far away, from where you can't see your home, if you perform the exercise of walking regularly calories would also burn and the stress that you feel inside the mind and the medicines that you take for depression would automatically decreaseBecause when you walk, automatically clear air enters through breathing our mind enters the rhythm of the nature!and there is one rule of mind, that it always remains in lacks. Walking helps our mind to go back to its original nature and makes us tension free. And automatically when you sleep at night, mind remains at peace and at Alpha level!. To keep your mind at Alpha Level, one should walk regularly. And if the mind is at Alpha Level, the weight doesn't increaseBecause those who are over weight, quickly eat something whenever they are in stress, they try to reduce stress by eatingso walk, try to walk in open air and take deep breathes while walking!

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