Tuesday, September 03, 2019

How to Browsing privately in Firefox.!

Browsing privately in Firefox

Firefox has a private browsing feature similar to IE’s InPrivate browsing, which I describe in the section “Turning on key features” in the IE part of this chapter. Firefox’s version is called, er, Private Browsing. (Hey, Firefox invented it!) To start a Private Browsing session, click the hamburger icon in the upper right and choose New Private Windows. Some people prefer to always work in Private Browsing mode. There’s much to be said for that approach, although you won’t get the advantages of having cookies hanging around. Staying privately Browsing mode is simple to try and do in Firefox.

1. Start Firefox. Click the hamburger icon in the upper right, and choose

Options. At the top, click the Privacy icon.
 You see the Options dialog box shown in Figure 1.

2. In the Firefox Will drop-down box, choose Use Custom Settings for History.

3. Select the box marked Always Use Private Browsing Mode.

4. If you want to turn on Do Not Track (see the sidebar, “What is Do Not Track?” earlier in this chapter), select the Tell Websites that I Do Not Want to Be Tracked check box.
Admittedly, DNT doesn’t do much, but it doesn’t hurt and may actually block a few sites.

5. Click OK.
The next time you start Firefox, it’ll be in Private Browsing mode. If you ever want to drop back into regular mode, click the hamburger icon and follow the above steps, choosing Firefox Will: Remember History.

Figure 1: It’s easy to have Firefox always start in Private Browsing mode.

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