Sunday, September 01, 2019

Some Useful Alexa Commands in your daily life.

Everyday-info commands

Alexa excels at everyday requests for information related to the weather,news, and traffic. Here are the basic commands.

  1. “Alexa, what time is it?”
  2. “Alexa, what time is it in [city]?”
  3. “Alexa, what is today’s date?”
  4. “Alexa, when is [holiday] this year?”
  5. “Alexa, what’s the weather like?”
  6. “Alexa, what’s the temperature?”
  7. “Alexa, will it rain today?”
  8. “Alexa, what will the weather be like [day]?” (For example, “Alexa, what
  9. will the weather be like tomorrow?”)
  10. “Alexa, play my Flash Briefing.”
  11. “Alexa, what’s in the news?”
  12. “Alexa, how’s the traffic?”
  13. “Alexa, what was the score of yesterday’s [team] game?”
  14. “Alexa, when is the next [team] game?”
  15. “Alexa, what movies are playing?”
  16. “Alexa, find me a nearby restaurant.”

Information requests

Give these commands a whirl to get general information from Alexa.

  1. “Alexa, what’s the definition of [word]?”
  2. “Alexa, how do you spell [word]?”
  3. “Alexa, what are some synonyms for [word]?”
  4. “Alexa, convert [number] [units1] to [units2].” (For example, “Alexa,
  5. convert 100 miles to kilometers.”
  6. “Alexa, what is [number] [operator] [number]?” (For example, “Alexa,
  7. what is 123 times 456?”)
  8. Alexa, what is [number1] percent of [number2]?” (For example, “Alexa,
  9. what is 15 percent of 78.53?”)
  10. “Alexa, what is the population of [city or region]?”

Audio commands

Here are the basic voice commands to try out for controlling music, podcasts and other audio.
  1. “Alexa, play [song or album].”
  2. “Alexa, play [music genre].”
  3. “Alexa, play [playlist].”
  4. “Alexa, play the latest [artist].”
  5. “Alexa, play Sunday morning music.”
  6. “Alexa, who sings this song?”
  7. “Alexa, shuffle mode [on or off].”
  8. “Alexa, pause.”
  9. “Alexa, next.”
  10. “Alexa, previous.”
  11. “Alexa, louder.”
  12. “Alexa, softer.”
  13. “Alexa, turn this off in [number] minutes.”
  14. “Alexa, play [audiobook title].”
  15. “Alexa, read [Kindle book title].”

Video commands

Here are a few useful commands related to watching TV shows and movies.
  1. “Alexa, what is the IMDb rating for [TV show or movie title]?”
  2. “Alexa, tell me about the movie [movie title].”
  3. “Alexa, who stars in [TV show or movie title]?”
  4. “Alexa, what is [actor]’s latest movie?”
  5. “Alexa, how many Oscars has [actor] won?”

Alarm and timer commands

Here are the basic commands to use to set and work with alarms and timers
  1. “Alexa, set alarm for [time].”
  2. “Alexa, wake me up every day at [time].”
  3. “Alexa, snooze for [number] minutes.”
  4. “Alexa, set a timer for [number] minutes.”
  5. set a bread timer for 40 minutes.”)
  6. “Alexa, how long is left on the timer?”
  7. “Alexa, how long is left on the [name] timer?”
  8. “Alexa, stop the timer.”

Calendar, reminder, and list commands

Here are a few basic Alexa commands for controlling your calendar, creating reminders, and managing lists 
  1. “Alexa, what’s on my calendar?”
  2. “Alexa, what’s on my calendar on [date]?”
  3. “Alexa, add an event to my calendar.”
  4. “Alexa, create a new appointment.”
  5. “Alexa, add budget meeting to my calendar on [day] at [time].”
  6. “Alexa, what am I doing tomorrow?”
  7. “Alexa, how many days until [date]?”
  8. “Alexa, how many days until [holiday]?”
  9. “Alexa, what time does the sun rise on [date]?”
  10. “Alexa, what time does the sun set on [date]?”
  11. “Alexa, remind me to [task] in [number] minutes.”
  12. “Alexa, add [task] to my to-do list.”
  13. “Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?”

Communication commands

Here are the basic commands for placing calls and sending text messages 
  1. “Alexa, call [name].”
  2. “Alexa, call [phone number].”
  3. “Alexa, answer the call.”
  4. “Alexa, hang up.”
  5. “Alexa, drop in on the [room or location].”
  6. “Alexa, play messages.”
  7. “Alexa, message [name].”
  8. “Alexa, announce that [message].”

Shopping commands

Here are a few commands to place and track Amazon orders .
  1. “Alexa, add [item] to my shopping list.”
  2. “Alexa, buy more [item].”
  3. “Alexa, order [item].”
  4. “Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?”
  5. “Alexa, where’s my stuff?”
  6. “Alexa, what are your deals?”

Smart-home commands

Here are some commands you can use to control various home-automation gadgets .
  1. “Alexa, [device name] on.”
  2. “Alexa, [device name] off.”
  3. “Alexa, dim [device name] to [number] percent.”
  4. “Alexa, set [device name] to blue.”
  5. “Alexa, show [camera name].”
  6. “Alexa, set [device name] temperature to [number] degrees.”
  7. “Alexa, lock [device name].”

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