Tuesday, December 03, 2019

OneDrive - Microsoft’s Online Facility for Storing Files

Signing In to OneDrive

   One Drive is a component of Office 365, Microsoft’s online suite of services. Before you can store, share, or co-edit files in One Drive, you have to sign in to One Drive. Open a web browser and follow these steps to sign in to Office 365:

Go to this web address: onedrive.live.com.

Click the Sign In button.

Enter the email address of your Office 365 account and click Next.

The One Drive window opens.

Enter your password and click Sign In.

The One Drive window opens in your browser, as shown in Figure 1. The first
time you open One Drive, you see two folders only.

To start with, OneDrive gives you two folders — Documents and Pictures — for storing files, and you can create additional folders as well. OneDrive can store up to from 5GB to 1TB (that’s 1000 GB) of files, depending on the type of subscription you have. The lower-left corner of the browser window tells you how much storage space you have for storing files.

»»Create folders: Click the New button and choose Folder to create a folder for storing files. 

»»Upload files: Click the Upload button to upload files from your desktop or laptop computer to OneDrive.

»»Arranging folders and files in the window: Use the tools in the upper-right corner of the screen to arrange and locate folders and files. 

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