Thursday, September 03, 2020

Express Animate 5.09 Free Download

Express Animate 5.09 Free Download

 Express Animate is an easy-to-use audio/video software that allows you to create motion animations, add objects into a video project as well as apply digital effects to your animations and videos.

Express Animate is a free animation software that gives you the ability to animate shapes, text, and imported images. You are also able to enhance your movie projects in post-production using keyframe motion animation, masking, dummy objects, add audio tracks or record audio, apply effects to audio tracks, and more.

Supports drag and drop to help quickly launch your project.

Express Animate can apply digital effects to your animations and videos, use keyframes to create smooth motion transitions, export finished projects like video, flash or animated GIFs, add video and image files to your movie canvas, add text to your video project, create animated text and text bubbles, group objects for easy editing, add masks, export as video, flash or an animated GIF and much more.

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